See Ya New York

NE gifts

2014 was admittedly an unproductive year for me. I was in a rut and did not write as regularly as I would have liked. So earlier in the year I decided to shake things up and apply to writing residencies. I’ll be in the Midwest for the next couple of months living on a farm working on a TV pilot.

Thanks to friends, family, and co-workers for your support and sending me off in style.

Goofing Off at the Tribeca Film Festival



It’s my 7th year as part of the Tribeca crew (8th if you include my stint as a production assistant). Tribeca is creating a Hulu/Netflix-like venture that is launching this fall. It will supposedly be curated by filmmakers and celebrities.

The festival is winding down, but there are still films to be seen.

A Work in Progress